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Great things are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.” – Steve Jobs

Your Journey of
Awakening awaits

Awake Siargao isn't just a wellness and surf retreat, it's a sanctuary for those craving a break from the fast-paced demands of the modern world. It's a place where corporate warriors, hard-working entrepreneurs and professionals rediscover the rhythm of a life well-lived. A place where they don't just exist but thrive, finding balance and liberation in the enchanting dance of life.


About Us

Our team is at the heart of everything we do. Together, we craft retreats with love and great attention to detail. At Awake Siargao, we are more than just a team; we are a family bound by a mutual love for Siargao's natural beauty and a deep desire to share its magic with you. As we collaborate and complement each other's strengths, we pave the way for outstanding experiences that go beyond expectations. Each member of our team brings their own unique expertise and a genuine desire to create meaningful and unforgettable moments.

Meet the team

...from your retreat host, our skilled surf instructors, who will lead you through the waves with unwavering confidence, to our experienced yoga and meditation practitioners, who will guide you towards balance and inner peace. With the power of teamwork, we create an environment where you can grow, connect, and awaken your spirit. When you embark on a retreat with us, you become a part of our family, and together, we embark on a journey of adventure and connection in the tropical paradise of Siargao.

Rem, Surfer Founder and Host of Awake Siargao Retreats

Remalyn Hijara 

Founder, Retreat Host & Fitness Coach.

From The Philippines.

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"Coming from the giants of the financial industry, I know what it feels like to endure 80-hour workweeks, burnouts, and sacrifice my well-being in a relentless pursuit of what our modern society paints as “success”. Finally realizing I couldn’t possibly sustain that lifestyle for another 10 years, a trip to La Union, a quaint surf town in the north of the Philippines led me to discover surfing and I ended up falling in love w/ the sport. Surfing led me to Siargao and here I fell in love w/ simple living and a laidback community who all shared the same passion for the ocean and a simple life. It was also here that I discovered yoga and fitness, fully embraced a healthy lifestyle, and went on to share the same passion w/ others through coaching....


But looking back it took me leaving a career, giving all my things, and moving to an island to finally find balance and take care of my well-being. I created an experience so others don’t have to make an entire life renovation to experience the same transformative journey I had w/ surfing, yoga, fitness, and the simple island life. All they need is one week, one trip, one life-changing experience shared w/ like-minded people so they can come back to their lives refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. This is why I do this - one retreat at a time."

John Carby, Head Surf Coach Awake Siargao Retreats
Tenille Yoga Teacher Awake Siargao Philippines

John Carby

Head Surf Coach of the PH National Surf Team

From Australia.

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Growing up on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, John became a surf addict at young age. His passion for surfing runs deep and his joy for surfing even deeper. John loves to share the stoke of surfing - no matter if its a first ever wave or with professional athletes. 

In 2015 John moved to the PH surf capital Siargao & became part of the Philippine National surf team in 2020. He successfully coached the National team in various events such as, ISA World Surf Games 21-23 (El Salvador) & WSL Qualifying Series 3 in Australia. He also accompanied Marama Tokong to the WSL Challanger series in South Africa and is part of the organizing committee of the UPSA national surf tour.

Tenille Hunter - Willowtree Yoga

International Yoga Teacher.

From Canada.

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Tenille is our International Yoga Teacher, originally from Canada and currently living full-time on Siargao Island.


For the past 13 years Tenille has ecstatically tought and shared her passion for yogic based movements, healing, breath & meditation practices. She is not only a 200+ hours multi-style certified yoga teacher, but also a certified Sound Healing Practitioner, Reiki Master and YTT facilitator. 

Tenille has a playful and exciting way of guiding people into self-discovery of the intricate aspects of the human body. She describes her teachings as the sciences of the west mixed with the ancient practices of the east and deeply infused with our connection to Mother Nature.

Mike Breuker, Surf Fitness Coach Awake Siargao Retreats
Surf Phoographer

Mike Breuker

Fitness, Surf Strength & Conditioning Coach.

From Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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Mati Olivieri

Surf, Lifestyle, Travel & Our Retreat Photographer.

From Argentina.

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Mike started his coaching career in Europe about 10 years ago. He worked with the Dutch field hockey team & other athletes on an international level, before he signed up for his 'island adventure'. Today Mike is Co-owner and head coach at CrossFit Siargao, the biggest fitness facility on the island. 


As strength & conditioning coach of the Philippine National Surf Team in Siargao, Mike was also responsible for the team's strength training in preparation for its qualifying tour for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Mati left Argentina in 2015 looking for a life change, just with his camera and a laptop.


His travels led him to Australia, all over Southeast Asia and finally to Siargao where he found his base to develop his photography skills while living a perfect island life. It didn't take long for the Siargao Community to discover his talent..


Today he is one of the most famous surf, lifestyle and travel photographer - always happy to swim out and to capture memories for all those who cross his lens.


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