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Welcome to paradise! Siargao, the surfing capital of the Philippines, is known worldwide for its waves and laid-back vibe. But beyond its teal waters, Siargao invites food lovers to a gustatory journey with a variety of healthy restaurants. Check out where to eat in General Luna, Siargao and explore our top 6 list of Siargao's healthy restaurants!

Healthy breakfast and lunch dishes in Siargao Island Philippines

Siargao's top healthy restaurants are notable not just for their tasty dishes, but also for the refreshing ambiance they offer.

1. Healthy Island Feasts at "Shaka Siargao"

Smoothie Bowl healthy breakfast Shaka Siargao Island

Situated in the heart of General Luna, Shaka Siargao is the go-to spot for smoothie bowls and healthy breakfast options. Their menu boasts a vibrant variety of tropical fruits, mixed with granola and chia seeds - a perfect refuel after a morning surf session. With their eco-friendly philosophy, Shaka ensures every meal is made from the freshest local produce, making it a top choice among healthy restaurants in Siargao.

2. Fresh Catch: "CEV"

Fresh fish ceviche with vegetables in CEV Siargao Island

Photo Credit: @cevsiargao

Dine in style at CEV, Siargao's haven for health-conscious seafood lovers. CEV masters the art of Ceviche, featuring the best local seafood marinated to perfection. Their menu offers exciting dishes prepared with the healthiest ingredients, offering a unique gastronomic delight that pays homage to the island and the sea.

3. Wholesome Goodness: VedyaCatch

Healthy vegan banana smoothie bowl farm to table Vedya siargao karinderya cafe

Photo Credit: @vedyakarinderya

In the heart of Siargao lies Vedya, which is Sanskrit for 'holistic science'. Vedya prides itself on its 'farm-to-fork' concept, ensuring that each dish is bursting with organic nutrients straight from their garden. With yoga classes and a picturesque view of Siargao’s lush greenery, Vedya offers an enriching experience for mind, body, and palate.

4. The Authentic Italian Experience: Kermit

Best Italian Food with Pizza Seafood and Fresh Pasta at Kermit Restaurant Siargao

Photo Credit: @kermitsiargao

Believe it or not, Siargao houses an authentic Italian pizzeria. Kermit brings to Siargao the rich flavors of Italy combined with an array of locally-sourced healthy options, from seafood pasta to their famous gluten-free pizza. Enjoyed in a tropical setting, this heart-friendly feast is not to be missed.

5. The Cosy Nook: CFS Café

Healthy vegan banana smoothie bowl and fresh coffee at CrossFit Siargao CFS Cafe

Photo Credit: @cfs_cafe

Nestled in the tranquil area of Purok 5 and part of CrossFit Siargao, the biggest gym facility in Siargao is CFS Cafe.Famous for its vegan and gluten-free options, CFS Cafe serves nutrition-packed dishes that do not compromise on flavor. Sip a cup of their ethically-sourced coffee while enjoying their delightful breakfast options.

6. The Healthy Beachfront Option: Bravo Beach Resort

Healthy vegan and vegetarian breakfast with coffee and smoothie in Bravo Beach Resort Siargao Island

Photo Credit: @bravosiargao

Not only known for its stunning beachfront location, Bravo Beach Resort & Spa is also home to a remarkable restaurant that caters to health-conscious guests. Their menu features an enticing selection of vegetarian and vegan options, showcasing the abundance of local produce. Indulge in their "Chickpea and Vegetable Curry" or savor the flavors of their "Mango Sticky Rice" for a sweet and satisfying treat.

While these top six Siargao restaurants explore different cuisines, they all have one thing in common - they offer a healthy yet delectable journey in the heart of our wave-surfing paradise Siargao.

Food-ventures in Siargao extend beyond this list. We encourage you to explore, because the island is teeming with hidden gastronomic gems waiting to be discovered. Happy and healthy dining in Siargao! Or join one of our Awake Siargao Retreats and indulge in healthy and nourishing meals throughout our 8-day-all-inclusive active wellness retreats!



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