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Your Ultimate  Surf & Wellness Escape

Surf, Yoga, Fitness, and Wellness Retreats in Siargao Island, Philippines

Join one of our surf, yoga, and wellness retreats in the tropical paradise of Siargao and embark on an exciting journey where a perfect balance of adventure, movement and relaxation will leave you feeling refreshed, energized, and inspired to take on the world!

A holistic
wellness experience

Experience a week of exhilarating surf sessions, restorative yoga classes, invigorating fitness activities, authentic cultural excursions, all while immersing yourself in the natural beauty of Siargao Island. Soak up the sun on pristine uncrowded beaches, savor delicious and healthy meals, and connect with like-minded people who share the same passion for growth, wellness and exploration.

 Siargao Island, Philippines

The small teardrop shaped island is known for its raw and uncrowded beaches, covered with a sea of palm trees, crystal-clear waters, world-class waves, laidback vibes, and year-round warm tropical water temperatures. It is also home to the big smiles and unparalleled hospitality of the Filipinos, making it one of the best places in the world to embark on a surfing and wellness adventure.

Surfers' paradise

Siargao Island, also known as the surfing capital of the Philippines, offers the best waves in the country and was voted  the Best Island in Asia in 2021 and the Best Island in the World in 2019 by Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) Readers’ Choice Awards.


Retreat  program & highlights

girls surfing together in Siargao


Experience the adrenaline rush and the feeling of being in the "flow" that comes naturally with surfing turquoise waves and being one with nature. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced surfer ready to take your skills to the next level, our comprehensive surf coaching program and team of experienced instructors will help you achieve your goals in a safe, fun, and supportive environment.

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Yoga & meditation

Yoga complements surfing through restoration, balance, and breath-work. Our highly experienced instructors will guide you through gentle restorative focused yoga sessions and meditation classes, which helps us develop our awareness and focus our attention on what really matters. Enjoy body movements in our open-air garden shala surrounded by palm trees.

a fitness class at Crossfit Siargao


Elevate your surfing skills & boost your overall fitness with surf-specific workouts specially-designed by the strength and conditioning coaches of the Philippine National Surf Team at Siargao's biggest fitness facility, Crossfit Siargao. You will be guided through targeted exercises, building strength, and confidence to improve your time in the water.


Adventure & explore siargao

Go on adventure tour with us and explore Siargao's natural beauty and untouched nature off the beaten path! Hop on tiny islands with a wooden Filipino boat, explore large fields of palm trees, bathe in natural rock pools, enjoy the best view points and go on special sunset tour while enjoying a real Filipino BBQ with grilled vegetables, locally caught fish and home-grown fruits.

a group of people around a Boodle fight on Daku island Siargao


We believe that at the center of every truly amazing experience is the people you share it with. Despite all the amazing activities you will do, it is the group of like minded-people from different parts of the world who will share this journey with you - inspiring with their different stories, cheering you on - that will truly make this magical. You will come home not only bringing great memories but also friendships that last a lifetime.


Health & nutrition

Nourish your body and relish the flavors of delicious meals prepared by either our in-house chef or from the best restaurants in Siargao! Our meals are made from fresh ingredients directly sourced at the local market in Siargao. Every meal is a balance of flavor and nutrition and a play between Siargao’s local tastes and special western dishes.

a woman getting a back massage

Wellness & recharge

While we love to be active and to use our bodies during yoga, surfing and fitness activities in different ways, it is important to give ourselves some time to recharge and focus on our inner and outer wellbeing. Unwind with a relaxing traditional Filipino massage and ice bath sessions. Our experienced therapists will provide you with a personalized session to help soothe sore muscles, promote relaxation, and enhance your overall wellness experience.

a man chopping up a coconut

 Workshops & 

Our mind relaxes best, when our hands are busy learning something new! How about learning how to make real Filipino food with our local chef or creating beautiful pieces with our local jewelry designer? If you are ready to take it to the next level join our beach-clean-up session and plant a coconut tree to make sure our beautiful island stays paradise for many more years!

Upcoming retreats

Join our tribe and reawaken your body, mind and soul in the island paradise of Siargao. Immerse yourself in the ultimate surf & wellness experience and book your all-inclusive 7 day retreat now!

To get our Early Bird price, please select your chosen retreat and enter the coupon code provided at checkout.

From $2,290 Early Bird

From $2,290 Early Bird

From $2,290 Early Bird

From $2,290 Early Bird

From $2,290 Early Bird

From $2,290 Early Bird

From $2,290 Early Bird

Looking for different dates?

Checkout out all-year round private retreats!


We understand it can be a challenge to match our group retreat schedule with your travel dates. Choose from below packages and join us any date of the year!

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Surf & yoga

For those seeking a perfectly balanced vacation. Surfing and yoga don't only go well together but perfectly complements each other.


Surf & fitness

For the active, adventurous and thrill-seekers who want to keep moving! This adrenaline-filled retreat experience will leave you feeling stoked, energized, and fit!

awake-siargao-surf-all-out (6).jpg

Surf all out

For the surfaholics who want to get as much surfing as they can! Learn to surf or take your surfing to the next level with our personalized surf coaching (1:1 coach to student ratio) that makes sure you get the coaching, attention, and feedback you need to fast track your progress in just one week.

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Local Surfer Host

Hi, I'm Rem

A life enthusiast who shares a deep passion for the ocean, a healthy and active lifestyle, and the tropical paradise of Siargao I call home. With the support of an amazing community, I share with the world the life-changing experiences of surfing, yoga, fitness, adventure and wellness. 

Our goal to inspire joy and help you expand your body, mind and soul while experiencing the thrill of surfing and embracing a healthy and active lifestyle in this unique, laid-back destination. This is why we do what we do, and why we invite you to join us.


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