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Welcome to paradise! Surfing in Siargao is one of the best things you can do in the Philippines. Let's explore some of the best surf spots in Siargao that you absolutely can't miss. With a range of locations suitable for beginners to experienced riders, we've got you covered. Let's dive in and catch those perfect waves!

Waves crashing onto palm tree beach Siargao Island Philippines

Photo credit: @bryan_waverider

Siargao, a small tear-drop shaped island in the Philippines, has quickly become a top destination for avid surfers and wellness enthusiasts alike.

Siargao is renowned for its crystal-clear waters, spectacular beaches, and most importantly - amazing surf spots!

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surf adventure in Siargao Island!

1. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 Surf spot, Surfer, big wave, ocean, wave surfing

Photo credit: @bryan_waverider

When it comes to Siargao surf spots, Cloud 9 is a must-visit. Known worldwide as the crown jewel of this island's surfing scene, this break offers some of the most consistent and spectacular waves. Cloud 9's barreling waves attract both local and international surfers who are eager to experience its challenging yet rewarding rides. The area's stunning wooden boardwalk also offers an excellent vantage point for spectators.

2. Jacking Horse

Sunset surfers Jacking Horse Siargao Island Philippiines

Jacking Horse, located near the famous Cloud 9 surf break, is an ideal spot for beginners looking to learn the basics of surfing. With its consistent soft waves breaking over a sandy bottom, it offers a safe and fun environment for new surfers to get familiar with the sport.

Suitable for beginners and intermediate surfers, strong, energetic waves and a friendly environment.

3. Cemetery (Pesangan)

Wave Surfer Girl at Cemetery Siargao Island Philippines

Cemetery, also known as Pesangan, is located just a few minutes boat ride from the beach, offering a unique and slightly remote surfing experience. This surf spot provides calmer, long, and soft waves, making it a great choice for intermediate surfers who are looking to hone their skills. Typically, Cemetery produces left-handed waves, allowing for a smooth and relaxing ride. The tranquil environment, combined with a picturesque backdrop of palm trees and clear blue waters, creates the perfect setting for a leisurely day at the beach.

A few minutes boat ride from the beach, calmer waves, ideal for intermediate surfers, left-handed waves, relaxing environment, and picturesque scenery.

4. Daku Island

Longboard Surfer Girl at Daku Siargao Island Philippines

Photo credit: @bryan_waverider

Just a short boat ride from the main island of Siargao, Daku Island offers an authentic surfing experience within a pristine environment. This off-the-beaten-path surf spot is ideal for those looking to escape the crowds often found at more popular locations. Suitable for surfers of varying skill levels, Daku Island offers clean, powerful waves in a stunning setting.

Accessible only by boat, suitable for all skill levels, secluded environment, and clean, powerful waves.

5. Pacifico

Line up Surf Spot Surfer Siargao Island Pacifico Wave surfing

Photo credit: @bryan_waverider

Located on the northeastern side of Siargao, Pacifico is an idyllic surf spot that offers powerful, steady waves ideal for experienced surfers. With fewer visitors, this spot allows you to enjoy an uninterrupted experience with nature. However, keep in mind that the powerful current and reef breaks demand a higher skill level and caution from surfers.

Powerful, steady waves, ideal for skilled surfers, fewer crowds, and an uninterrupted surfing experience.

6. Quiksilver

Surfers big waves Quiksilver Siargao Island Philippines

Photo credit: @bryan_waverider

Last but not least, Quiksilver is a challenging surf spot that's perfect for adrenaline seekers. This particular break is characterized by its quick, punishing waves that create a thrilling experience for seasoned surfers. If you're looking to push your limits and carve your own path on Siargao's epic waves, this is the spot for you.

Fast, powerful waves, ideal for experienced surfers and adrenaline seekers.

By exploring these top surf spots in Siargao, you'll not only enjoy world-class waves but also witness breathtaking sceneries that make this island so unique. Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned surfer, there's a break in Siargao perfect for you. Join one of our Awake Siargao All-inclusive Active Wellness Retreats for your ultimate surf adventure in Siargao Island!



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